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Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace

Open-source, tor-based, peer-to-peer trading platform. The best way to trade goods & services worldwide, completely anonymously. Upon the launch of FreeMarketOne, precious metals will be the first category out of many supported in the near future.

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Trade cryptocurrency for goods & services with ease

FreeMarketOne allows buyers and vendors to connect and trade directly, person to person without any middleman. This prevents your personal data and trading history from falling into the wrong hands.

keep track of your active, purchased or sold items
product cards with a variety of fields to describe and filter items
found a listing you like? Chat with the seller to talk details
simple hierarchy of the app won't leave you frustrated

The app is designed to be as simple as possible. No special skills are required to set it up and start trading. What you will get is a familiar trading experience, only in a totally private way. FreeMarket One makes use of the best tech to safeguard your identity during trading, such as blockchain, end-to-end encryption and Tor.

One coin to settle them all

You are able to list and trade different goods & services against crypto. But the settlement-layer for all transactions made on FreeMarket One Marketplace is XRC, a digital currency that uses its own blockchain and has a maximum supply of 2.1 million coins.

Whether you’re a pro trader or simply want to hedge part of your portfolio with crypto or precious metals, FreeMarket One is a great alternative to centralized solutions. It is open to everyone, no matter where you are from. With FM1 you own your own store and you’re in complete control!



No identity verification, no phone, no email, no selfies

Safe and Secure

Decentralized infrastructure. No one can freeze or restrict your account


Rating-based system. Honest and active traders get more attention to their listings


Installation and setup takes just few minutes. Easy and intuitive user interface

Two Blockchains

Being a blockchain-based app gives FreeMarket One its strengths like decentralization, stability and a trustless system. However, blockchains have one downside: all your history of transactions can be viewed by anyone at any time. To increase traders’ anonymity, FreeMarket One features the revolutionary implementation of two blockchains running side by side.

Blockchains' indicators in status bar

1. Base Blockchain stores information about users’ encrypted data, reviews and rating system of traders, which is based on the volume and performance of achieved trades cumulatively. Those records stay permanent.

2. Market Blockchain uses float genesis block and contains data about offers and trade history. This means that the public records of transactions between peers will be wiped out periodically, thus producing a clean slate for the traders with the generation of a new genesis block.

Tor integration

To ensure that FM1 traders stay anonymous, FreeMarket One app ships with the integrated Tor client that is turned on by default.

There’s no need to set up anything, Tor routing is accessed automatically from within the app once you log in using your password. Tor hides your real IP address and shields you from all third parties snooping.

Focus on trading, without having to worry about identity leaks. With FM1 and Tor you get a real sense of privacy at any point of using the app.

How it works

  • FM1 Tor client selects 3 random relays from the global Tor network to form a path to its destination. The request gets encrypted 3 times and sent to the first relay.

  • The first relay removes the first encryption layer but doesn't learn where request is headed.

  • The second relay removes another encryption layer and forwards the request further.

  • The third relay removes the last encryption layer and forwards the request to its destination but doesn't know where it comes from because each relay only knows the caller and the next relay.

  • Connection to the FM1 network is not necessarily encrypted but it only knows exit relay not the original requestor.

Encrypted Chat

Private chat is an essential element to FM1 marketplace. The app does not have a traditional shopping cart, instead, you open a chat thread with the vendor when you click the «Buy» button on the item’s page.

Chat is a private and convenient way for you to connect with buyers and sellers. End-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, with nobody in between, allowing you to enjoy a snoop-free trading experience.

In development


Run your own decentralized marketplace effortlessly with a ready-to-go solution, for free. Focus on growth, not worrying about the tech side.

  • Simplicity of the FreeMarketOne P2P solution.
  • Full, detailed documentation.
  • Integrated payment and escrow system powered by xRhodium.
  • Set up preferable fees for traders, custom branding and UI colors.
  • Your marketplace will be promoted on FreeMarketOne and xRhodium channels.
  • Get added value from being a part of a larger community.



NET Core 3.1 needs to be installed first. If you are having issues with installation, check out Wiki page on Gitlab.


Requires Windows 10

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